About Us

Next Step Creative is a relational organisation with a vision to create a platform to support creative people. Working within the UK and internationally using multi media, live performances, workshops and teaching; making our artists work more accessible through a collaborative online shop.

Be Yourself Be Creative

Our Artists

Our Values


Come Alongside

For every event and product we are involved in we want to connect with the customer, hosts, delegates and artists so we can work alongside them to be the best they can be


Reach for Excellence 

We work hard to make sure everything we do and make is to a high standard. We hope you agree that all our products are high quality but if you find a fault please get in touch ‘nextstepsteven@gmail.com’


Encounter the King

We believe the Bible is the inspired word of the one true God, who is King over all creation. He has eternally revealed Himself as the trinity and we can encounter Him through the Holy Spirit living inside us. We want to be lead by the presence of God. 


Activate Gifts and Talents

We believe every person is creative! It may be they express themselves in an artistic way or it may be on a football pitch. We want to see everyone reach the full potential of their creative gift. 


Teach Identity 

We are all beloved children of God and have the potential to be world changers. We want to build big people and celebrate their God given gifts and identity 


Innovate Design 

God created the whole universe and has given us the amazing gift of creativity. We want to promote new ideas and lead the way with new original works. 


Value Our Artists 

A lot of an artists work goes on behind the scene; including the years of training and study that has gone into developing their creative gift. We want to ensure their work is valued and invest in them so they can reach their full potential. 


Expand Horizons 

It is always good to try something new whether it is a different colour flag or writing a song for the first time. You never know you may unearth an undiscovered creative gift. We aim to create safe environments where participant can try something new.