The Impact of Fathers

What makes a father? How do they impact our lives? Do adults still need a father?   As we develop, the fathers in our lives are the ones that shape and mould us. This may be our biological dad or grandfather, or it may be a mentor or role model. 

 Let’s celebrate the men in our lives.

The performance is a creative mix of multi media and physical theatre appealing to a variety of ages. This is a great community event with a range of dynamic and engaging pieces, including Mime, Contemporary, Ribbons, Ballet, and Banners combined with bespoke video graphics. The show has 2 intervals, in which we encourage the hosts to serve refreshments. This show is specifically designed to engage a wide demographic of people and stimulate discussions. 

If you are interested in hosting the show please check out our pack on The Impact of Fathers. Click Here to download it.

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